About me

Welcome. I am trying to capture the beauty of the moment in places I visit, in objects I see and in people I meet. I often fail. But if i feel i managed to capture the moment, it is published here.

I specialize in Landscape and Travel photography, but sometimes I am also lucky to shoot with models.  I enjoy traveling to exotic destinations and shooting beauty. If you would like to see my work, browse through the projects. I am constantly publishing new work here, so make sure to check in from time to time and see what's new.

I started to take photos when I was a small child with my Dad's old Kiev. It was a 35mm film camera and I learned the basics of exposure. Since then, I am photographing the beauty that surrounds me.

My long time 35mm film camera was Canon EOS 50. I moved to digital quite late, my first digital camera was Canon EOS 30D, I used Canon  EOS 5D Mark II. Recently I switched to Sony A7 III, a mirrorless camera. It’s awesome.

However, I don't think photography is about equipment, as long as the photographer has the eye to see and the ability to capture the beauty.
I photograph everything that I consider beautiful, the nature of the world, various objects of beauty, but I like to photograph people the most. Besides swimsuit photography, I also shoot fine art, travel and portraits.
I do not prefer studio and flash lights, I rather travel the world and look for the perfect natural light in the best locations.

I don't retouch too much, I don't think a really good shot needs tweaking, but I try to make the photos technically okay. I am thankful for having a chance to take all the photos I had taken and also for all the future moments of beauty, which I hope to be able to capture yet.

I hope you enjoy the photographs on this site, let me know if you do. Photography is my passion.

Peter Podolinsky